Coach jailed for WhatsApp threat to girlfriend, cheating

He pretended to be her former boyfriend and threatened to post nude photo of her online

Couples have different ways of resolving issues.

Then there is the Shamsudin Salleh way, which involves such an elaborate scheme, it deserves a second reading.

The 42-year-old soccer coach, who was angry with his girlfriend, pretended to be someone else and threatened to post a nude photo of her online.

He was caught, charged in court and yesterday sentenced to eight months' jail after pleading guilty to criminal intimidation and cheating.

To teach his girlfriend a lesson, Shamsudin posed as one Riski and sent WhatsApp messages to Ms Anisa Majeni, 34, on July 27 and 28 last year.

He used a mobile phone number that she did not know about.

At first, "Riski" acted like he wanted to befriend Ms Anisa but then he threatened to disseminate the naked photo he claimed he had.

On Aug 18, "Riski" messaged the victim again. By now, Ms Anisa believed "Riski" was a boyfriend she knew before Shamsudin.

The court heard that she wanted to re-establish a relationship with him.

How did Shamsudin react?

He pretended to be Ms Anisa's former boyfriend and said he wanted a guarantee that she would return to him.

He demanded $3,000, and another $1,000 the next day.

Both amounts were to be left on the doorstep of her home in Sengkang. She agreed.

And who did she get to leave the amount on the doorstep?

Yes, Shamsudin himself.

He took the money and deposited it into his bank account.

On Sept 6, Ms Anisa made a police report describing how she had been threatened.

In mitigation, Shamsudin's lawyer Low Jianhui told the court his client's intention was to "frighten" her, and he never intended to financially profit from the offences.

In fact, the lawyer said the couple are still together.

Shamsudin's sentence was backdated to his remand on Sept 8.

He could have been jailed for up to two years and/or fined for each charge of criminal intimidation; and up to 10 years' jail and fined for cheating.

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