Chef in coffee shop fight gets jail, caning

A chef picked up a knife and chopper at the coffee shop where he worked, but making a meal was the last thing on his mind.

Instead, Hoo Chun Yong, 37, wielded a weapon in each hand as a row escalated into a fight that saw a cup of ice, a claypot and plastic chairs hurled across KPT coffee shop in Jalan Tenaga, near Kaki Bukit.

The Malaysian was sentenced to six months' jail and six strokes of the cane, and given a $500 fine yesterday for his role in the brawl.

He was sentenced for two offences - carrying offensive weapons in a public place and being a public nuisance.

The court heard that Hoo brandished a knife and a chopper at Malaysians Liew Jian Xiong, 32, and Tee Leong Mau, 36, after the latter asked to meet him at his workplace on Sept 6 last year.

During the meeting, Tee alleged that Hoo used Tee's name to collect money from Liew's wife, which Hoo denied.

An angry Tee slapped Hoo twice in the face and once on the head before throwing a cup of ice at him and challenging him to a fight.

Hoo took a 20cm-long knife from his bag and a 16cm-long chopper from his stall.

Holding one weapon in each hand, he approached Tee and Liew and shouted at them.

In response, the two men picked up plastic chairs.

Both sides shouted and gestured aggressively. Tee also took out a hammer he had taken to the meeting.

Both sides threw the chairs at one another and at one point, Liew picked up a claypot and flung it at Hoo, but he missed.

The 2½-minute exchange was captured on surveillance cameras. It is not known if anyone was injured.

Tee and Liew have both been dealt with.

For carrying an offensive weapon in a public place, Hoo could have been jailed for up to three years.

He was also given the minimum of six strokes of the cane for the offence.

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