Cabby who hit and then drove into pedestrian jailed, disqualified from driving for 1 year

SINGAPORE - A taxi driver who hit a pedestrian's elbow with his car's side mirror drove into him again, as the man was trying to photograph the front side of the vehicle following the incident.

On Monday (June 21), Michael Hui, also known as Kuswara Mahmud, was sentenced to four weeks' jail and a fine of $800. The 71-year-old has also been disqualified from driving for a year after his release.

Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) Kelly Ho told the court that a couple with a young child were passengers in the taxi at the time of the incident.

The court heard that on March 19, 2018, at about 9.30pm, Hui, who was a taxi driver with Transcab, drove to the drop-off point at the InterContinental Singapore Robertson Quay and hit Mr Dirk Eduard Gustaaf Motman's right elbow with the taxi's side mirror.

An argument followed and Mr Motman, then 53, told Hui that he was going to take a picture of the taxi and call the police. Hui told him to go ahead, DPP Ho told the court.

When Mr Motman, a Dutch national and permanent resident here, walked to the front of the stationary taxi, Hui suddenly accelerated and the taxi hit Mr Motman's legs.

Mr Motman suffered a microfracture on his right knee and was treated with medication and physiotherapy. He was issued two months of medical leave as he had difficulty walking.

DPP Ho noted that the act caused "public disquiet" as at least 10 people witnessed the incident.

Hui's lawyer, Mr Vas Kumar, told the court that Hui has not been able to get his taxi licence renewed and drive for a long period of time, and that this has affected his livelihood and caused him to stay with a friend who can support him.

He added that his client was truly sorry but could not afford to compensate the victim.

Hui was unable to pay the $800 fine and will serve two days in jail in default. He began serving his sentence on Monday.

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