Butcher jailed for throwing ofo bike from 15th floor corridor

Selamat Mohamed Ali was jailed nine weeks for throwing a shared bicycle from height.
Selamat Mohamed Ali was jailed nine weeks for throwing a shared bicycle from height.ST GRAPHICS

SINGAPORE - A butcher who threw an ofo bicycle from the 15th floor corridor of Block 11, Upper Boon Keng Road was jailed for nine weeks on Friday (June 30).

Selamat Mohamed Ali, 47, is the first person to be sentenced for throwing a shared bicycle from height. He committed the offence on June 22.

A second charge of dishonestly misappropriating a $300 ofo bicycle was taken into consideration in sentencing.

The court heard that Madam Rajamanickam Jayalakshimi, 42, and her husband were sorting out newspapers to sell and deliver to residents at the void deck at 5.36am that day when she heard a loud crash about 5m behind them.

She turned to find a badly damaged yellow bicycle lying on the ground in front of the block.

The ofo bicycle was one of two placed at the 15th floor corridor by ofo employee Tan Han Tiong, said Deputy Public Prosecutor Dwayne Lum.

Mr Tan's job is to collect bicycles that belong to the bike-sharing company across Singapore. He could not return them that night because no vehicle was available at that point to transport them.

Mr Tan last saw the two bicycles intact at the 15th floor lift lobby the night before.

At around 5am on June 22, Selamat was on the way home after a drinking session at an Orchard Towers pub when he made a detour for the 15th floor lift landing to rest. He lives at the block.

DPP Lum said after spotting the bicycles, he carried one of them and threw it over the corridor parapet. He did this without checking if anyone was on the ground floor. He also did not check if the bicycle had landed on anyone or if anyone was hurt.

Police later found him sleeping at the 15th-floor lift lobby and arrested him.

CCTV footage obtained from a resident shows Selamat committing the rash act.

District Judge Adam Nakhoda agreed with the prosecutor that Selamat showed a blatant disregard for human life and safety. He also said that Selamat had "absolutely no reason" for acting in such a manner.

The maximum punishment for rash act is six months' jail and a $2,500 fine.