Alleged sex abuse: DPP attacks accused's claims

Dad had insisted it was not physically possible for him to have sexually abused his daughter

Prosecutors in the trial of a 42-year-old food stall assistant, accused of sexually abusing his daughter, yesterday attacked his claim that it was physically impossible for him to have had sex with her because of a botched procedure to enlarge his penis years ago which had left him with misshapen genitals.

He is accused of committing a range of sexual offences - including penetrative acts - against his eldest daughter between the end of 2011 and April 2014, when she was between 11 and 13 years old.

He denies the 10 charges, contending that he was rarely alone at home with the girl and that penetrative acts were not possible given the size and shape of his genitals.

The man testified that he had undergone three collagen injections to enlarge his penis in Johor. After the last procedure in 2009, his genitals became "deformed" and sex with his wife became less frequent because of their size, he said.

A medical report, submitted by a urologist who examined him last month, stated that the underlying fillers had led to an "uneven bulbous expansion".

Cross-examined by the prosecution yesterday, the man insisted he was in such a state before the alleged offences against his daughter took place.

But Deputy Public Prosecutor April Phang put it to him the physical changes had occurred only in the past year. "You are a liar who concocted this for the purpose of this trial," she said.

The DPP contended that he did not have the abnormalities between the end of 2011 and 2014, noting that the accused had been inconsistent in his accounts of when the procedures had taken place and was vague about where they had been carried out.

The DPP said it was "incredible" the collagen fillers would have lasted seven years, when the man himself had testified that the effects of his first injection had worn off after a year.

Earlier in the trial, the girl's mother, when shown pictures of the man's genitals taken at the urologist's clinic, testified they did not resemble what she knew of her husband in 2014 before she kicked him out of the flat following her daughter's revelation of the sex abuse.

The trial has been adjourned to Jan 23 next year for the accused's urologist to testify.

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