Accountant sentenced to 16 weeks' jail for filming co-tenant in the shower

Australian Shee Wee Hong recorded a co-tenant showering in a condominium toilet six times in 2015.
Australian Shee Wee Hong recorded a co-tenant showering in a condominium toilet six times in 2015.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - An accountant, who filmed a co-tenant showering in a condominium toilet six times last year, was jailed for 16 weeks on Tuesday (Aug 2).

Australian Shee Wee Hong, 41 , who is a Singapore permanent resident, admitted to three of six charges of intruding upon the privacy of a 30-year-old Chinese national by recording a video of her while she was taking a shower in the common toilet at the Upper Changi Road condominium. At the time of the incident, he was unemployed.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Nicholas Lai Yi Shin said the offences came to light when the woman called the police on Dec 22 last year, stating that she saw someone taking a video or photo of her. She later told police that the device she saw was a white Apple iPhone.

Shee denied having placed any mobile phone near the toilet when interviewed by the police who noticed that his white iPhone was plugged into his laptop.

No video or photo of the victim was found. However, investigations showed that he had used the iPhone to record the victim bathing six times.

DPP Lai said Shee would first wait for the light of the common toilet to be turned on. After ascertaining that the victim had entered the toilet, he would put his hand through the window opening to record the victim bathing. He would then upload the video onto his laptop for his personal viewing.

The court heard that on Dec 22, after learning that the victim had called the police, Shee had deleted the video which he had taken, to evade detection.

Shee's lawyer Lam Wai Seng said he disagreed with the prosecution that the offences were pre-meditated and planned. He said Shee, who is remorseful, had merely lost his self-control and acted after the victim had gone into the bathroom.

District Judge Kamala Ponnampalam said the recordings were not simply "upskirt videos" as in other cases but involved full nudity of the victim.

"It was an invasion of her privacy in the sanctity of her own home," she said.

The judge said she could not accept that the offences were opportunistic and not pre-meditated. There were six offences in all, including one that was committed at 3.35am.

Shee could have been jailed for up to one year and fined for each charge of insulting the modesty of a woman.