7 people charged with corruption in case linked to contracts with SBS Transit

SINGAPORE - A former SBS Transit senior engineer was among four people charged with corruption on Wednesday in a case that has seen seven people, to date, accused of graft over contracts with the bus and rail operator.

The Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau said that 46-year-old Tan Hoon Gee had allegedly obtained gratifications totalling more than $35,000 from several individuals between 2020 and 2021.

This was in exchange for advancing the business interests of various companies with SBS Transit.

Tan is said to have received at least $7,600 in total from Lim Tong Keong, the 58-year-old sole proprietor of LTK Engineering Services, and Poh Beng Chye, the sole proprietor of Clear Cut Engineering.

The bribes were given as inducements for engaging Clear Cut Engineering for fabrication and maintenance jobs, and for supplying parts to SBS Transit.

On Wednesday, Tan, Lim and Poh – together with Wang Hairu, 51, who was then a director at VT Global Marine Engineering – were handed multiple graft charges.

Wang is accused of giving bribes totalling $14,420 to Tan as rewards for engaging VT Global to supply electrical components to SBS Transit.

In June, charges were filed against another former SBS Transit senior engineer, Lau Yuen Fai, 60.

Lau is accused of obtaining gratifications from Poh, 59, in the form of loans amounting to $2,050, as alleged inducements for engaging Clear Cut Engineering for fabrication and maintenance jobs as well as for supplying parts to SBS Transit between 2019 and 2021.

Two other people were charged in June in connection with the case. Assistant sales manager Wendy Loh Chen Yi, 62, and Chin Tyng Lei, 69, were then with Allinton Engineering and Trading. Chin was a director with the company.

Chin and Loh had allegedly conspired to give a total of more than $13,000 in bribes to Tan. The monies were meant as rewards for engaging Allinton Engineering and Trading to supply hardware parts to SBS Transit.

The court heard that Tan, Lim, Poh and Wang intend to plead guilty to their charges in November. Chin, Loh and Lau had their cases adjourned to November as well.

Responding to queries from The Straits Times, SBS Transit’s vice-president (special grade) of customer experience and communications Grace Wu said that Tan and Lau are no longer working for the company.

Ms Wu added: “SBS Transit has zero tolerance for fraud and corruption. We expect our employees to exercise a high standard of professionalism and integrity and will be reviewing our processes to ensure that such incidents do not recur.” 

For each count of graft, an offender can be jailed for up to five years and fined up to $100,000.

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