Teen who had underage sex with schoolgirl placed on probation

SINGAPORE - A teenager who admitted having sex with a "drunk and vulnerable" schoolgirl has been placed on probation by a district judge, who took the unusual step after taking into account his commendable conduct since starting national service (NS) in January.

Ong Jack Hong was 17 when he met the secondary two student, then aged 14, at a pub belonging to her boyfriend's mother where she was drinking by herself.

Ong and his friends chatted her up and later he approached her as she left the toilet of the Golden Mile Complex bar. He carried her to a stairwell and they had consensual sex behind a closed door in December 2014.

Two months later the girl told a nurse what had happened when she went for an unrelated medical check-up at KK Women and Children's Hospital.

DPP Eunice Lau argued that Ong should have been sentenced to reformative training, pointing out he had taken advantage of a vulnerable and drunk victim.

WongPartnership lawyer Ng Shi Yang, defending Ong under the Criminal Legal Aid Scheme, said he was only 17 at the time of the offence which occurred in the "heat of passion" and he was not a "sexual predator".

He called for Ong, now 18, to be placed on probation- - which Ong had previously undergone in 2012 for causing mischief by fire.

However District Judge Mathew Joseph considered the testimonial of Ong's army commander who said Ong had "so much potential" that the army could help him fulfil.

DJ Joseph noted the " strong and positive words" and the testimonials vindicated a probation officer's report that NS " could provide the much needed structure to instill discipline and readjust his lifestyle".

The probation officer had assessed that Ong was motivated to improve his circumstances and excel in life.

The support from the Army showed it " was still interested in him and prepared to guide him in his efforts to turn around his life," DJ Joseph wrote in judgement grounds on Monday (March 7).

The judge added Ong had learnt his lesson from these proceedings, "having to see his estranged parents sit on opposite end of the court which must have inflicted further pain and anguish to him".

Strong support from Ong's father, who is suffering from cancer, also had a " positive effect on him and raised his hopes for the future".

"The court does not wish to see such positive hopes dashed away or a more deterrent sentence imposed than is necessary," said DJ Joseph.

Making clear rehabilitation took precedence, he sentenced Ong to 24 months probation with conditions and 200 hours of community service.

To ensure judicial oversight and monitor Ong's progress, DJ Joseph ordered his case be reviewed at the Progress Accountability Court in June and at further periodic intervals as decided by the court.

Prosecutors are appealing against the sentence.

Ong could have been jailed up to ten years or fined, or sentenced to both.