Council for Private Education further streamlines administrative processes

Private education institutions (PEI) are expected to have less administrative burdens and compliance costs, after the Council for Private Education (CPE) introduced more measures to streamline administrative processes on Thursday.

The PEI-student contract, previously 19-pages long, has been reduced to a six-page document following the removal of some information such as contractual clauses. The need for supporting documents has also been reduced.

From Thursday, PEIs will no longer need to submit documents, such as certified true copies of relevant academic qualifications, when notifying the CPE of the deployment of existing teachers. For new non-degree courses that are developed, accredited or approved by another local government agency, PEIs are only required to submit a letter from the agency, or a website link pertaining to the course and teachers instead of the course write-up.

Thursday's announcement follows an earlier one made last October, where schools can submit information to the CPE as part of its annual returns exercise via data-encrypted emails instead of through thumb drives.

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