Contractor jailed, banned for causing death of cyclist

A contractor was jailed for a week and banned from driving for five years for causing a cyclist's death in a road traffic accident.

Wang Boon Tat alias Siriphet Nophanan, 21, had admitted to causing the death of Mr Salleh Ali, 57, who was riding a power-assisted bicycle along Bedok South Road on Nov 19, 2011.

Wang was driving a van when he failed to keep a proper lookout, resulting in a collision between his vehicle and the part-time hawker's power-assisted bicycle. Mr Salleh died of heart disease following head injuries six days later.

A district court heard that Wang had wanted to overtake the victim on the right but could not do so as there were other vehicles travelling on the centre lane.

He then decided to overtake the victim within the extreme left lane itself. His front left bumper and front left signal light hit the power-assisted bicycle.

Wang did not sound his horn when he was overtaking the victim who was flung onto the pavement between the grass verge and the road.

He stopped his van and alighted to help the victim, who was conscious but was unable to talk.

The maximum penalty for causing death through a negligent act is two years' jail and a fine.