CNY Survival Guide 2014: Here are 8 new goodies that will impress your guests

Chinese New Year goodies - who can resist them while you are making your visiting rounds?

Crowd favourites include bak kwa, love letters and cookies. Every year, families look out for the tastiest offerings for their dining table - all in the name of keeping their guests well-fed and impressed.

For those who enjoy new flavours, retailers have come up with more twists to the usual snacks.

Try Singapore Marriott Hotel’s bak kwa cornflake cookies ($40 per jar), which are essentially savoury bak kwa combined with crunchy cornflakes. And how about love letters in charcoal-black at Glad Tiding ($15.80 per box)? For the health-conscious, these charcoal love letters are supposed to have detoxifying effects.

You may also like the green tea nian gao ($12++ per order) from Fairmont Singapore. All these make an appearance in this 56-second video produced by The Straits Times.

“I think bak kwa cornflake cookies are innovative, but I can’t imagine their taste,” said Ms June Yee, 25, a customer service executive. “I won’t mind trying them, though.”

What treats will make their way to your home this Chinese New Year? Just watch this video.