CNY Survival Guide 2014: 8 festive movies to watch during CNY

When you're not busying catching up with relatives, you are most likely going to be watching movies on the telly or renting some to watch. Here are some must-watch Chinese New Year movies, including three new films that will be released on the eve of CNY.

1. Dance Dance Dragon (2012)

An 84-year-old is desperate for a grandchild in the Year of the Dragon, and her prayers are answered when a baby pops out of nowhere. This local comedy stars Adrian Pang and Kym Ng and is produced by Kelvin Tong.

2. All's Well, Ends Well (1992)

A Stephen Chow classic, All's Well, Ends Well is about three hapless brothers who learn life lessons about love through their misadventures. The 1992 film is the first of seven instalments.

3. Fat Choi Spirit (2002)

The star-studded cast includes Andy Lau, Louis Koo and Gigi Leung. It revolves around Andy's addiction to mahjong and the luck that his girlfriend, Gigi, brings him.

4. The Chinese Feast (1995)

A master chef is forced to choose between the woman whom he loves or his craft as he takes park in an elite cooking competition. The feel-good Hong Kong movie stars Leslie Cheung, Anita Yuen, Kenny Bee, and Law Kar-ying.

5. Journey To The West: Conquering The Demons (2013)

The popular action-comedy film is directed by Stephen Chow and Derek Kok. It is loosely based on the literary classic of the same name.

6. Huat Ah! Huat Ah! Huat! (2014)

Malaysian singer Ah Niu stars as Ah Huat, a simple and kind man, who strives for success. The inspirational comedy will be released on Jan 30, 2014.

7. Hello Babies (2014)

This Hong Kong film directed by Vincent Kok is about two married couples - one who decide not to have children and the other desperately trying for a baby. The former's lives are about to change when their inheritance is on the line. The comedy will be released on Jan 30, 2014.

8. The Lion Men (2014)

Jack Neo's latest film focuses on two rival lion dance troupes - one traditional and one that incorporates hip-hop dance. The movie stars five of the cast of Ah Boys To Men. It will be released on Jan 30, 2014.