CNY Survival Guide 2014: 8 CNY greetings and what they mean

It can get boring, repeating the same phrases to everyone you meet during Chinese New Year. Be armed with 8 phrases that you can greet people with.

1. 万事如意

Wan shi ru yi - Good luck in everything

2. 心想事成

Xin xiang shi cheng - May all your wishes come true

3. 恭喜发财

Gong xi fa cai - Happiness and prosperity

4. 生意兴隆

Sheng yi xing long - May your business prosper

5. 吉祥如意

Ji xiang ru yi - Good fortune according to your wishes

6. 年年有余

Nian nian you yu - May there be surplus every year

7. 马到功

Ma dao gong cheng - Instant success

8. 龙马精神

Long ma jing shen - May you have vitality and good health