CNB alerts public to e-mail scam using CNB's director's name

An e-mail that attempts to threaten its recipients into remitting money to Nigeria using the name of Central Narcotics Bureau (CNB) director Ng Ser Song is a scam, the bureau has clarified.

The e-mail claims that the recipient had an inheritance fund transferred to him from the United States to Singapore in the name of Mr Ng, the CNB said in a media statement on Thursday.

Using the address "", the scammer writes that the transfer was allegedly stopped by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. It adds that the recipient of the e-mail will be arrested and imprisoned by the Singapore Government if he or she does not comply to send the money by a certain date.

CNB said that it does not ask for payment from members of public or is it involved in inheritance-related matters. The police have been notified and the Bureau in its statement advised members of the public who receive such e-mails not to remit any money and call the police if they require assistance. The Straits Times understands that no one has fallen for the scam so far.