City Harvest trial: Defence produces document to show Xtron cashflow; prosecution objects

The City Harvest trial was stood down for a short while on Wednesday afternoon after the prosecution objected to a document that Senior Counsel Kannan Ramesh produced.

The document, which contained a table, showed that Xtron's cashflow from 2008 and projected up to 2017 was positive.

But prosecutor Christopher Ong stood up and objected to that. He said the table had inaccuracies, and requested that parties sort out the matter without the witness, Xtron's former director Koh Siow Ngea, present.

The prosecution had sought to prove on Tuesday that Xtron had suffered millions in net loss.

When parties re-emerged from chamber, the judge allowed a few questions on the document, after SC Ramesh clarified that the figures in the document were merely projections made by the church's investment committee, which were not reflective of events that took place later on. The document was later admitted as a defence exhibit.

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