City Harvest: DPP shows that 2 documents signed in 2007, were drafted in 2010

On the sixth day of the City Harvest trial involving six accused persons from the church, the prosecution showed that two sets of documents which were signed in 2007, appeared to have been drafted only in 2010.

One of the documents was a personal guarantee signed by Mr Wahju Hanafi, indemnifying company Xtron Productions against any losses from the Crossover Project, which involved church founder Kong Hee's wife, pop singer Ho Yeow Sun. The other was another personal guarantee signed by accused persons Kong Hee, Tan Ye Peng, Chew Eng Han and witness Koh Siow Ngee, indemnifying Mr Wahju Hanafi for the earlier-mentioned guarantee.

Deputy Public Prosecutor Christopher Ong pointed to an e-mail sent by accused Serina Wee to Chew in 2010, in which the drafts of the two personal guarantees came attached.

DPP Ong asked Mr Koh if he recalled signing the guarantee in 2007. Mr Koh could not. When asked if he knew why Wee had drafted them in 2010, Mr Koh replied he did not know. Noting the three-year time gap, DPP Ong pressed: "Does that look like an error to you?" Mr Koh replied that it could have been an "oversight" or "carelessness".

This trial involves six church leaders who are alleged to have funnelled $24 million into sham bond investments in companies such as Xtron, to further the career of senior pastor Kong Hee's pop singer wife, Ho Yeow Sun. They are then said to have devised a series of transactions amounting to $26.6 million to clear the engineered bond investments off the church's accounts.

Thursday marks the final day of this first section of the trial, which will resume in August.

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