Chan Chun Sing: Balance preserving heritage and redevelopment

Singapore will need to find a balance between redevelopment and preserving its heritage so that future generations will have the space to develop new memories, Acting Minister for Social and Family Development Chan Chun Sing said on Sunday

"It's striking this balance to preserve what we hold dear to ourselves and yet at the same time have the space to develop new memories and new opportunities for the younger generation and for the future generation," he said.

Mr Chan was speaking at the launch of five new heritage trails and an accompanying mobile application in Queenstown, Singapore's oldest housing estate.

He held up Queenstown as an one example where such a balance has been found in preserving some of its historical landmarks, and yet develop new flats to house more people.

"Every one of us individually, as a community and as a society has to find that balance between preserving what we hold dear to us, and yet at the same time giving up some of the things for development, for the future generation, he added.

"Because if the previous generation has done what they have done, which is to give up some of their memories for us to be where we are today, then I think it's also incumbent upon us to pay it forward at the same time."

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