Certis Cisco guard steals funds from Singapore American School safe

A Certis Cisco security guard stole $2,900 from a safe in the Singapore American School in Woodlands while on duty there. Loh Ming Wan, 19 and now unemployed, was fined $3,000 Wednesday by a district court. The Malaysian had pleaded guilty to committing theft.

Court papers state that the secretary to the school principal called police on the morning of Jan 15 to report the missing money.

Police investigations then revealed that at 3pm on Jan 6, Loh entered an office and searched all the drawers that were unlocked. In one of these drawers was a small safe and he was able to find the key to open it. He then stole $2,900 that was kept in two pouches.

He has returned the full sum he stole to the school. Loh, who did not have a lawyer, said that his family in Malaysia was very poor and he stole the cash out of greed.

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