Causes Week

Causes Week 2017: Celebrating the spirit of giving and doing good

ST's annual spotlight returns, featuring individuals and groups making a difference

Over the course of this week, the sixth Straits Times Causes Week will share how various individuals and groups are making a difference through the causes they are passionate about.

ST editor Warren Fernandez, who is also the editor-in-chief of Singapore Press Holdings' English, Malay and Tamil Media group, said: "Day to day, all of us in society find ourselves rushing to keep up with news and developments around us. This means we sometimes don't pause long enough to notice some in society who need our attention.

"So, at this time of the year, as the year-end festive season rolls around, it has become something of a tradition for us at The Straits Times to devote some time, resources and space in our pages and platforms to people and groups which are doing good work in the community without drawing much attention.

"We hope to lend them our support by doing so. Hopefully, the media attention will help them draw support for their good work.

"We have been doing this for some years now, and each year our readers tell us they appreciate this effort, which is why we are doing it again.

"We hope that readers will be inspired by the features, photos and videos to come forward and pitch in, in whatever way they can."

Causes Week begins today and ends on Sunday.

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