Causes Week is back! Click to see how you can share your stories with us

SINGAPORE - For the fifth year running, The Straits Times will be celebrating individuals and groups that make a difference in their own special ways.
Through Causes Week 2016, which will be featured in the paper from Dec 5 to 11, the Straits Times hopes to do its part to support groups and individuals who do good, by spreading the word on what they do and what they believe in.
These could involve a good Samaritan carrying out a personal but impactful project, a group of like-minded friends committed to a worthy cause, or a charity or social enterprise that needs a little help to extend its reach.
Do you have a cause you are passionate about? Or a good Samaritan story to share? Or know of a charity doing inspiring work? 
Please share it with us:


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By Nov 21


Describe in a few short paragraphs specifically what the cause is about. For instance, is it an 8-year-old child starting a recycling project in his estate or is it a group which collects professional working clothes for single mums to encourage them to return to the workplace?
Also tell us the extent of work being done to support the cause, for instance, are there weekly collection drives or daily befriending calls, etc.
Give us details of the people involved: how big is the main group, how many volunteers are involved, and what are their contact numbers.
Share other materials that may be useful: website address, Facebook page, photos or video clips.
We look forward to hearing from you!