Caught on camera: 4 men fight, throw chairs at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, police investigating

The men were seen on video throwing punches and even chairs at the hotel on Nov 26, 2017.
The men were seen on video throwing punches and even chairs at the hotel on Nov 26, 2017.PHOTOS: SCREENGRABS FROM FACEBOOK VIDEO/KEN ZUI

SINGAPORE - Four men were captured on video fighting at Peninsula Excelsior Hotel, with the police investigating the matter.

A video posted by Facebook user Keh Zui on Monday (Dec 4) shows the men fighting, kicking, throwing punches and even chairs at one another while yelling in Hokkien.

The video has been shared more than 2,000 times.

The incident occurred at the hotel at 5, Coleman Street, on Nov 26. The police confirmed with The Straits Times on Wednesday that a report was lodged over the incident and investigations are ongoing.

A spokesman for the hotel told ST that the four men were patrons of Shanghai One Piano Music Lounge, which is located at the hotel's main lobby. The lounge has been operating for eight years and is not managed by the hotel.

"No hotel guests were involved in this incident," said the spokesman, adding that the men were not the lounge's regular patrons. Instead, they were guests of a patron who were invited that day.

Two of the men had "a previously unresolved issue", which led to an argument. The fight then broke out in the hotel lobby and the duty manager called the police.

"One of the men was seen gripping two forks in his fists and was dangerously aggressive," said the hotel spokesman.

However, the men were attacking only one another and did not pose any threat to other hotel guests and staff, she said. The hotel's security team then cordoned off the area and waited for the police to arrive.

"The incident happened past midnight and the main lobby was relatively empty at the time," the spokesman added.

After the incident, the hotel spoke to its tenant that runs the lounge to get assurance that it will step up security controls to ensure such incidents do not happen again.

The hotel stressed that the safety of its guests and staff was of utmost importance, and said it has security officers on duty around the clock.