Cat Welfare to mediate cat-related disputes

The Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority has appointed the Cat Welfare Society as its third-party mediator for cat-related issues for a year. In a statement yesterday, the authority said the appointment is a formalisation of the existing partnership between AVA and CWS since 2015.

After the end of one year, it will review the effectiveness and need for such services from CWS, the statement added.

AVA said it is the first responder for animal-related issues.

However, as these issues are often complex, the authority said it adopts a "multi-stakeholder and multi-pronged approach". For example, it works closely with town councils, government agencies and groups like animal welfare groups and academics.

"Mediation has been one of the most effective mechanisms to bring affected parties together to achieve amicable solutions to cat-related disputes," said AVA.

Both parties have been working together on issues like advising community cat feeders and cat owners to practise responsible cat feeding and ownership.

Ms Jessica Kwok, group director of animal management group at AVA, said CWS is a valued partner and is looking forward to continuing a successful partnership. CWS executive director Laura Ann Meranda said the group welcomes the partnership, which is "acknowledgement of the work that we do and reaffirms the Government's support of mediation as a preferred means to resolve cat-related disputes in the community".

Charmaine Ng

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