Call for proposals to develop the Tamil language

SINGAPORE - Have an idea on how to develop and promote the Tamil language to the community?

The Tamil Language Council is calling for proposals to create Tamil language programmes with the support of additional funding, the council said in a release on Tuesday (May 16).

This comes after the success of the 11th Tamil Language Festival, which presented 52 programmes by 45 partners during the month of April.

Recognising that such efforts should be continuous, the council said that it will provide additional funding to drive more "capacity building initiatives" beyond the festival period.

Said council chairman R Rajaram: "We define capacity building programmes as well-defined projects to develop or refine Tamil language skills, as this would directly benefit the Tamil speaking community. It would ensure the perpetuation of the language, especially with the young in Singapore, and further encourage the appreciation of our Tamil heritage culture."

Interested funding applicants may submit their programme proposal forms to the Secretariat for the Tamil Language Council from Wednesday (May 17) to June 16.

Proposed programmes or activities may be courses, workshops, seminars or performances.

For more information, email the council secretariat at