Bumper crop of rewards for readers

Readers of The Straits Times can look forward to a bumper crop of rewards in the coming months.

From now till Aug 22, new subscribers can receive gifts or discounts on items such as a Mobot electric scooter when they sign up for a two- or three-year plan.

There are other goodies in store.

A total of 3,500 free Burger King turkey bacon croissan'wich with egg meals are available for Straits Times and other Singapore Press Holdings subscribers from Sunday to Aug 15. Find the deal in the "rewards" section of the SPH Rewards app.

The app, available on Google Play or Apple app stores, gives SPH subscribers multiple deals.

But it is not only subscribers who can benefit from this bumper crop. From Friday to Aug 13, any member of the public will get a one-day full digital Straits Times access with any Burger King breakfast meal, if he or she shows a download of the Burger King mobile app when purchasing the meal.

It is only ST subscribers, however, who will enjoy a special ticket discount for the Singapore Coffee Festival, at $18 instead of $22. Each subscriber will get a special promo code by e-mail, which he can use to buy tickets. There will also be an express queue for them to enter the event, which is from Aug 4 to 6.

There are also special movie treats for ST subscribers till next year. Tonight, for example, 250 lucky subscribers can take along a guest to catch the premiere of War For The Planet Of The Apes at Shaw Theatres Lido. Next up will be the premiere of Chinese-language film The Adventurers on Aug 30. Look for details in the SPH Rewards app.

Said Straits Times editor Warren Fernandez: "The Straits Times has a wide readership, with many interests. This is why we have worked on a range of benefits to reward subscribers, from food promotions to event and movie tickets, as well as various attractive offerings for sign-ups.

"Our aim is to try to deliver on the pledge to give our readers the news with benefits."

Mr Fernandez is also editor-in-chief of the English, Malay and Tamil Media Group at SPH.

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