Bukit Panjang shop hit by theft again: 6 phones stolen, culprit drops 2 more while fleeing

A neat circle was cut out of the Mobile 8 shop's window this time, and six phones worth about $5,000 stolen.
A neat circle was cut out of the Mobile 8 shop's window this time, and six phones worth about $5,000 stolen.PHOTOS: MIKEY TAN

SINGAPORE - A mobile phone store in Bukit Panjang where 10 phones were stolen on Friday (May 19) has had another six phones worth $5,000 stolen on Sunday morning.

This time, three Huawei phones and three Samsung phones were stolen from the Mobile 8 store at Greenridge Shopping Centre at around 3.30am.

A security guard spotted the culprit, however, and shouted at him, said Mr Mikey Tan, the 30-year-old area manager for the company's Bukit Panjang outlets.

"While the security shouted at him, he left one Samsung S8 in the glass display and while running, he dropped another Samsung S8," Mr Tan told The Straits Times on Monday.

The culprit, who was masked and wearing a hooded jacket and jeans, managed to get away, he added.

He also seemed well-prepared, as the glass - freshly replaced after the first break-in at a cost of $800 - had been cut in a neat circle with what appeared to be a glass cutter.

Mr Tan said he had no clue whether the theft was done by an individual or a group.


In the first case on May 19, 10 phones were stolen in the early hours as well, costing the store about $12,000.

"We were planning to install new closed-circuit television cameras with more coverage after the first incident but it happened too quickly," said Mr Tan.

The store already has CCTV cameras, on top of the mall's cameras and security.

After the first theft, the store operated as usual but transferred its stock to a safer place, he said.

"We will brief the staff, make sure all locks are secured but when it comes to the glass panel, it's out of our control," said Mr Tan.

The police confirmed that they were alerted to the case of housebreaking by night and theft at 524A, Jelapang Road, at 3.55am on Sunday.

Police investigations are ongoing.