Bukit Panjang LRT down for close to 30min due to power fault

SMRT tweeted at 8.44pm saying that train services will be unavailable system-wide.
SMRT tweeted at 8.44pm saying that train services will be unavailable system-wide.PHOTO: ST FILE

SINGAPORE - The Bukit Panjang LRT line was down for close to half an hour on Sunday evening (Dec 9) due to a power fault.

Public transport operator SMRT tweeted at 8.44pm that there would be no train services system-wide on the line.

SMRT added that free regular and bridging bus services were available at all affected stations during the disruption.

At 9.02pm, SMRT said that the power fault had been rectified and that train service was progressively returning to normal. Commuters were also advised to add 15 minutes to their train travel time.

The transport operator later updated at 9.10pm that train service had resumed and free bus services had ended.

This incident follows a disruption to the BPLRT on Nov 7.

The Straits Times reported then that service across the line was suspended due to a power fault at 10.40pm on Nov 7, due to a stalled train at the Bukit Panjang LRT station that caused a traction power trip on the LRT.


Regular services resumed at 5.15am the next day.

Preliminary investigations indicated that a collector shoe had dislodged from one of the LRT train cars, said SMRT.

The BPLRT also had a service delay on Nov 5, a day after the LRT line had begun to resume normal operating hours, following four months of opening later on Sundays.

From April 15 to July 1, the BPLRT line opened at 8am on Sundays instead of 5.30am, as part of maintenance works aimed at improving the reliability of its system.