Budget 2013: New tiered tax rates for cars, rebates for commercial vehicles

More expensive cars will have to pay higher Additional Registration Fees (ARF) with a new tiered tax rate being introduced in Singapore Budget 2013.

Currently, the main vehicle tax or ARF is calculated as a flat rate of 100 per cent of a car's Open Market Value (OMV).

The new tiered structure in Singapore Budget 2013 means that a car with an OMV of $20,000 will incur the current tax rate of 100 per cent, but the next $30,000 of the car's OMV will be taxed at 140 per cent. The remaining OMV above $50,000 will be taxed at 180 per cent.

Tiered Additional Registration Fee (ARF) for passenger cars and taxis

Source: Ministry of Finance

Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam announced this during his Singapore Budget 2013 speech on Monday and said this will contribute in about $150 million in additional revenue annually.

He also gave the example of an economy car like a Mazda 3, compared to a mid-range car like an Audi A5 and a luxury car like the BMW 735.

The Mazda with an OMV of $18,000 will see no change in the ARF rate. The Audi A5 with an OMV of $45,000 will incur an additional 22 per cent of ARF or $10,000 more, while a luxury model like the BMW will see a 42 per cent increase in ARF payable.

The new ruling will be introduced from the first Certificate of Entitlement (COE) bidding exercise in March.

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