Yaacob Ibrahim, Education

Budget 2013: New Mendaki SENSE college to act as bridging school for students

A new Mendaki college will be set up to give students a second chance to obtain their qualifications, such as the N-, O- and A-levels.

Called the SENSE college, it will function as a bridging centre and provide academic and enrichment programmes to youngsters. Minister-in-charge of Muslim Affairs Yaacob Ibrahim made this announced in Parliament on Friday.

Mr Yaacob also highlighted other educational schemes in place to help Malay/Muslim students fulfil their potential. Mendaki will expand its talent nurturing scheme Project Protege, which was piloted last year. This scheme grooms talents from different industries, by matching them with established professionals in the industries of music, sports and arts.

Last year, the Mendaki Tuition Scheme's enrolment was also expanded to include an additional 30 per cent students. To date, more than 9,000 are enrolled in the programme, he noted.

A modular science tuition programme offering an experiential and interactive approach will be launched this year and more public education programmes will be organised to strengthen the thinking skills of students, said Dr Yaacob.

A school-based student-care centre has also been set up at Blangah Rise Primary School by Mendaki Sense.