Bridget's Adventures: I had to let go to get on board with wakesurfing

Wakeboarding + surfing = Wakesurfing. And the best part about this sport is the never ending ‘surf’ as the wake doesn’t stop until the boat stops.

SINGAPORE - “Let it go!” the instructor screams repeatedly.

I grip the rope handle even tighter, hanging on for dear life. 

Trying to wakesurf for the first time is not easy at all. Wake-what?

Wakesurfing is essentially surfing but instead of riding on waves, you ride in the wake of the waves created by a boat.

For me, having the boat tow me along is the easy part. But to surf in its wake, I must let go of the towline.

Each time I try to release my grip, I fall into the water.

I probably end up drinking half the ocean.

And then, it finally happens. After more than 10 tries, I manage to stay on. I let go of the grip and ride the waves.

For a few short seconds, I feel like a real surfer. That is until I fall again, taking in more gulps of seawater.