Bridget's Adventures: Bounce up, flip out at the trampoline park

These days, trampoline parks are all the rage and journalist Bridget tries to learn some flips at a trampoline park.

SINGAPORE - Trampolining. The word brings to mind gymnastics in primary school, a co-curricular activity I dropped after a few sessions because it left me breathless, heaving and sprawled in a heap on the mats.

Fortunately, the same didn’t happen when I stepped my grip-socks clad feet onto the psychedelic trampolines at the Katapult Trampoline Park.

I found doing the basic tricks like the knee-drop and the sit-drop, where you kneel and sit respectively while bouncing, relatively easy and I accomplished them within the first tries.

The flips posed a problem because every fibre of my being protested against going forward and turning 360 degrees.

Instead, at the count of three, I froze and just bounced, and bounced - and bounced. I just couldn't flip.


Eventually, with the guidance of my instructor Alan Zhang, 30, I completed a flip, watching the world spin around in the split second before I landed on my feet. Surprisingly.


Trampoline parks first appeared in Singapore in August 2013, with Amped Trampoline Park opening in Tanjong Katong. Since then, at least five other parks, including Katapult in 2015 in Yishun, have opened in Singapore.

You can learn how to master the trampoline with Mr Zhang's Airstraordinary Singapore, which has seen more people signing up for lessons over the years - from two to three students when they first started offering classes in October 2013 to about 300 students today.

Classes cost $360 for 10 lessons.