Boy's sweet gesture delights construction workers

Most people would not give construction work near their homes a second thought, but not two-year-old Lian Tian En.

The young gentleman has been giving sweets to the workers outside his Paya Lebar terraced home every morning for a month. And he has become something of a Facebook sensation after his father posted a video of him on Thursday. Almost 3,000 people gave the footage a thumbs up.

"The workers were cutting down trees for a road widening project. Every morning, when Tian En woke, he could see them," said his grandmother Png Mui Tiang, 60. "There are a lot of sweets in the house so he wanted to give them some."

This became a daily routine for the young boy. Madam Png said the family and the workers got to know each other better through Tian En's daily delivery. "Some of them told us whether they were married, and how old their own children were," she said.

His parents, real estate agent Desmond Lian, 35, and his 32-year-old wife Selene, a bank executive, said Tian En was a "naturally sweet" boy.

Madam Png said both the workers and her grandson enjoyed their meetings. She said: "When they were gone for a while, he kept looking for the 'uncles'."

A few days ago, several workers started work outside again, to Tian En's delight.

"It's the first thing he does in the morning," said Madam Png. "He runs out with the sweets, one for each person." And the workers appreciate it. Said Mr Kesavan Prabakaran, 25: "The sweets are very pleasant and, under the hot sun, a welcome relief."


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