Book compiles tried-and-tested S'pore remedies

Soak your new clothes in water mixed with vinegar to prevent the colour from running - this is one of the many "remedies" to daily problems that Singaporeans use.

The SG50 Singapore Remedies book project aims to recognise and document such tips.

Led by entertainers Abigail Chay, Chen Zhaojin and Roger Poon, the team launched a book yesterday at Chinatown Point mall, compiling over 200 natural remedies involving salt, sugar, rice grains and fruit, for example. Singaporeans aged 16 to 89 from all walks of life gave tips.

The team said it has tried many of the tips over the years. The project is an extension of its 2010 book, Grandma's And Grandpa's Remedies and aims to reach more young people. While medication works for ailments such as dizziness, said Chay, ginger tea or red date tea might relieve symptoms too. She said: "Our main purpose is to let the younger generation know of these remedies for temporary relief."

The book, which costs $10, has over 200 natural remedies. - PHOTO: SG50 SINGAPORE REMEDIES BOOK PROJECT

The team will hold activities in schools and community centres next year, and has another project on the science behind the remedies.

The book, which costs $10, was sold yesterday at the main atrium of Chinatown Point. It will be available at a Chinese New Year event there from Jan 14 to Feb 7.

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