Bigger baby bonus and Medisave grants for parents

Parents will soon be getting bigger baby cash gifts from the government under broad pro-family measures unveiled on Monday.

Those with Singapore citizen babies born on or after Aug 26 last year will get $6,000 as a baby bonus cash gift, up from $4,000 before. This applies to the first and second child.

For the third and fourth child, the cash gift will increase to $8,000 from $6,000.

The cash will also be given out more quickly, in three payments over a year, instead of four payments over 18 months previously.

Newborn citizens born on or after Aug 26 last year will also get a Medisave account with a grant of $3,000.

This is to help defray children's healthcare expenses and will be paid in two instalments.

The first half will be paid out when the child's birth is registered, and the remaining half in the subsequent year provided the child remains enrolled in MediShield.

Under the enhanced package, the government will also extend MediShield to cover newly diagnosed congenital and neonatal conditions. This takes effect from March 1 this year.

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