Best Straits Times infographics of 2014

1. KEEPING ROADS SAFE: The Straits Times, Aug 11, 2014

This simple but effective infographic shows what happens at a busy junction and the key measures the authorities are taking to make roads safer.

This was in response to five drivers beating the red light every week in school zones and how the authorities were responding to it. In first six months, as many as 23 drivers were also caught speeding in these areas.

2. THE STAR TREK WAY: The Straits Times, Oct 13, 2014

The infographic shows how the new laser-scanning system works in helping surveyors map the entire island. A 3D Laser Scanning Topography System is mounted on a boat, which skirts the coast. The data is then mused to create 3D graphics of Singapore's coastline, accurate to 10mm.

Instead of being a straightforward graphic, a scenario was set up using photographs and 3D visuals with a sample image from the mapping tool.


An in-depth and step-by-step look at how harmful the defect in a Takata airbag could be. A total of 7.8 million US vehicles were affected by recalls. Five people have died due to the defect.

4. A GREENER FUTURE?: The Straits Times, Dec 3, 2014

The infographic looks at two possible solutions for the problematic grass pitch at the Sports Hub. Should it use artificial or real turf?

5. UNDER ONE ROOF: The Straits Times, Feb 27, 2014

A two-page infographic takes a look at the Sports Hub before it opened, showing the fully integrated sports, leisure, entertainment and lifestyle arena.

A great deal of research was done to show in detail all the features of the Sports Hub in this infographic.

6. SMART SINGAPORE: The Straits Times, Nov 25, 2014

A look at some of the upcoming initiatives Singapore is taking to expand its use of technology and secure its position as a leading global city.

The infographic was in response to PM Lee's call to equip students with skills to create future tech which included a "fail fast, learn quickly" mindset.

7. MIDNIGHT OPERATION: The Straits Times, Dec 6, 2014

When a monorail in Sentosa stalled, 61 people had to be rescued, with the last passenger evacuated at 2am.

This infographic was pieced together from the information provided by Commander of the Central Fire Station, Major Eugene Phng, who was in charge of the rescue operation.

As there were no pictures taken at the scene, the artist worked closely with the reporter to come up with an illustration of what happened.

8. TSUNAMI SENTINELS: The Straits Times, Dec 20, 2014

This inforgraphic shows details of the US$500-million tsunami warning system that was set up a few years after the 2004 disaster. Since then, it has detected every tsunami that occurred.

Done using 3D software, the infographic appeared as part of the Saturday Special report, The Tsunami 10 years on.

9. THE NEXT GREEN CHAPTER: The Sunday Times, Nov 9, 2014

This infographic accompanied a story "Towards a 'car-lite', zero-waste Singapore", which details how Singapore will commit $1.5 billion over the next five years to lead the country towards a greener and more sustainable future.

The graphic detailed the targets and projects for the country up to 2030.

10. WHAT HAPPENED THAT DAY: The Straits Times, Dec 20, 2014

A look at what actually happened on that fateful day in Dec 26, 2004, the facts and figures on the tragedy and how the tsunami unfolded.

It was part of a large project undertaken for the 10-year anniversary of the disaster and appeared in the Saturday Special edition, The Tsunami 10 years On.

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