Best Straits Times covers of 2014

1. WHO ARE YOU CALLING A HIPSTER: SundayLife!, Oct 19, 2014

A clever combination of photography and design where the models have labels pointing to the items of clothing that identify them as hipsters.

Very nice use of typography and styling.

2. HEALTHY FEASTING: Mind Your Body, Jan 30, 2014

A photo illustration on the less sinful things to eat around Chinese New Year. There is clever use of devil's horns and an angel's halo to show good and bad sweet snacks.

3. MY SINGAPORE: SundayLife!, Jan 30, 2014

A photo illustration which effectively uses pictures of a coffee table, doodles, diary and favourite hang-out spots to reflect places dear to Singaporeans.

4. FLYING TO YOUR RESCUE: Mind Your Body, Nov 27, 2014

The Mind Your Body team was unable to visit the airport where the flying hospitals are stationed due to security reasons. The designer had to come up with a concept that best fits the story without the actual visuals. Using the headline as part of the runway is a nice touch.

5. STAY HEALTHY WITH A CLICK: Mind Your Body, Dec 4, 2014

A photo Illustration of a bar bell and a cursor reflects the story of how it is easy to stay fit with the aid of an app, mobile device or computer.

6. BREAD WINNERS: Mind Your Body, Oct 23, 2014

This cover packs a punch and draws the reader with the visual of a slice of bread and the headline "Which type of bread is healthier for you?"

A surprising change from the usual magazine look, the cover page is in the eye-catching shape of the slice of bread.

7. THE EATING DISORDER TRAP: Mind Your Body, Nov 20, 2014

The topic of eating disorder as an illness is cleverly reflected in this cover concept. The picture of the fork with the pair of hands clutching the tines gives the sense of prison bars, reflecting how people with eating problems are "trapped" by the disorder.

8. RISE OF THE WRIST: Digital Life, Nov 26, 2014

The entire cover of Digital Life was made into a Smart wrist watch, including the masthead, for the feature on the different types of smart watches out there. The cover shows how the wrist watch can play a bigger part in our lives, from a text message to monitoring your heart.

9. GIFT IDEAS: Digital Life, Dec 3, 2014

For Digital Life's feature on Christmas tech gift ideas, the cover designer uses the light bulb to illustrate an idea, with the bulb filament drawn in the shape of a Christmas tree.

10. JUICE IT TO LOSE IT?: Mind Your Body, July 3, 2014

A clever photo illustration showing fruits as drink cans with straws for the story on how people are taking to juice cleansing to lose weight.

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