Being a bouncer doesn't mean you can bounce people around: Judge

Three bouncers from nightclub St James Power Station were found guilty on Thursday of assaulting a patron in February last year.

Firdauz Ismail, 26, received the stiffest sentence of three months' jail as he had a similar conviction two years ago. Iskandar Sanip, 31, was jailed for three weeks while Ahmad Zaki Mohd Said, 35, will be sentenced on Oct 24 for his lawyer to prepare the mitigation plea. A fourth bouncer, Mazlan Arsad, 34, was fined $1,500 for using criminal force to snatch the mobile phone of the victim's wife. All four had been convicted after an eight-day trial.

In passing sentence yesterday, District Judge Low Wee Ping said: "Being a bouncer does not mean you can bounce people around". The judge said that he was shocked to find out that Firdauz had assaulted three patrons previously and been fined $2,000.

"I'm also amazed that your club continued to employ you as if it was a commendation for what you have done," he added.

While Mazlan did not offer any evidence that he had not snatched the phone to stop Ms Chan Chai Yee, 23, taking photographs, his three colleagues claimed that Mr Chee Thin Kam had been injured by other patrons and not by them. They also insisted that Mr Chee, 30, a crane operator had been too drunk to identify who his attackers were.

However, Judge Low decided that their assertions lacked credibility.

Mr Chee was at the club with his wife and friends, Mr Lee Jung Onn, 23, and Mr Chung Chi Hung, 21, both chefs.

Firdauz and Ahmad Zaki had ordered Mr Chee and Mr Lee to leave as they were smoking. Mr Chee shouted vulgarities as he was escorted out. There, he was tripped. He fell to the ground and was kicked by the bouncers.

He continued to shout expletives. Together with other bouncers, Firdauz, Ahmad Zaki and Iskandar chased him. The trio then assaulted him on the main road.

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