Batteries not required: 5 old-school made-in-Singapore games

SINGAPORE - Traditional gamemaker Seow Cheng Whee makes games with wood, and has been doing so for the past three decades. He runs Mareara Trading, and to keep up with the times, the 64-year-old now has a Facebook page for his games - Kampong Wonderland.

Here are five funfair games that can be found at his shop, that look simple, but require a surprising amount of accuracy and dexterity.

1. This is the physical version of the pinball game that many are familiar with on the computer. A knob has to be pulled in order to release the ball.


2. This game can be played by two players. The aim is to get your coloured ping pong ball into a hole with the matching colour. If the ball ends up in the wrong coloured hole, it is to the opponent's advantage.


3. Standing from a distance, players have to shoot the pins. If the pins flap backwards, it's a success.


4. This is a classic funfair game that requires the player to hoop a certain number of hulas onto the animal from a distance.


5. This game works like tic tac toe. The aim is to get the spongy balls into the holes either in a straight line or diagonally.


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