Bangladeshi workers in Singapore pay tribute to Mr Lee with a memorial service

SINGAPORE - Some 30 Bangladeshi workers paid tribute to Mr Lee Kuan Yew yesterday night by reciting poems and singing songs in his memory.

They had gathered at the office of Bangladeshi newspaper Banglar Kantha in a Little India shophouse which had organised a tribute service for Mr Lee.

Banglar Kantha editor A.K.M Mohsin, 52, said many Bangladeshi workers have deep respect for Mr Lee whom they count as the man who built Singapore and in turn gave them jobs.

"Many Bangladeshis enjoy poetry and music. I thought that it would be a good way for the workers to express their gratitude to Mr Lee by writing poems and singing songs," he said.

Among those at the hour-long event was engineer Mohammad Jahangir Alam, 42, who recited the English version of a Bengali poem he wrote "Few words for legend Mr Lee".

He said: "When I came to Singapore eight years ago, I remembered being impressed by the infrastructure of the country. I think much of the country's success was because of Mr Lee's vision. I want to show my admiration of Mr Lee in my poem."

He had written the poem earlier in the morning and asked friends to translate it into English.

Another worker who recited an original piece "Lee Kuan Yew" was Rajib Shil Jibon, 29.

"I was filled with so much emotion as I thought of Mr Lee. He has made Singapore successful and helped foreign workers get good jobs and improve our lives. I will be thankful forever," said the shipyard worker who wrote the Bengali poem in an hour on Friday night.

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