Attorney-General warns former SMRT drivers against making more unfounded allegations

The Attorney-General's Chambers (AGC) on Saturday warned that it will take action against the two former SMRT drivers from China if they continue to make unfounded allegations.

The drivers, Chinese nationals He Jun Ling and Liu Xiangying, had alleged in an online video clip posted in January that they were slapped, punched and threatened by police officers while in custody.

The police Internal Affairs Office (IAO), however, has since examined all available evidence related to the case and concluded that the charges were baseless.

Responding to media queries following the IAO findings, an AGC spokesman said:"He and Liu did not raise their allegations in court when they had the opportunity to do so, and when they were represented by their lawyers.

"They have been found guilty for instigating others to carry out an illegal strike, and served their sentences for their offences. Appropriate measures will be considered by AGC if the two continue to make further unfounded allegations."

Responding to questions on whether action will be taken against film-maker Lynn Lee, who had posted the video clip online, the AGC said: "The question of whether or what action will be taken against persons in this case is under consideration."