Aspiring eldercare workers step into the shoes of seniors

SINGAPORE- Madam Wendy Teo, 42, was clad in a suit as she strutted her stuff in the HMI Institute of Health Sciences on Friday (March 31). However, instead of a jacket and pants, she was donning an ageing simulation suit.

The suit simulates the physical challenges faced by the elderly as it restricts one's movement, vision and hearing.

Madam Teo was one of 11 beneficiaries who were taking part in an ageing simulation workshop organised by AWARE and Daughters of Tomorrow with support from J.P Morgan.

Launched in December last year, the programme aims to help 100 women from families earning a monthly income of less than $400 per person kickstart a career in the eldercare sector.

Madam Teo, who is starting her job as a cook for a childcare centre, said she wanted to learn more about proper care for elderly people.

"I think the program is important because Singapore's population is ageing and eldercare will become a necessary skill," she said in Mandarin.

The two year programme boasts a dynamic curriculum that includes in-person training and a three-month work attachment with partners such as iCare Life and Lions Befrienders.