askST: Does MediShield Life provide sufficient coverage?

Singaporeans or permanent residents would not have to face big hospital bills on their own again, thanks to MediShield Life.

Launched in November 2015, the national scheme ensures that everyone will enjoy health coverage, regardless of age, infirmity or ability to pay.

However, does MediShield Life provide sufficient coverage? Or should you sign up for a private integrated plan?

In this episode of askST, senior health correspondent Salma Khalik compares the two types of insurance.

MediShield Life covers subsidised hospital bills, a few major outpatient treatments such as cancer, or when the person has kidney failure and requires dialysis.

If you are happy to go to a C class ward or B2 class ward, MediShield Life should be enough for you.

But it does not foot the entire bill. You need to pay an initial amount called a "deductible" as well as co-pay the rest of the bill.

In terms of lifetime coverage, there is no cap, so you can claim as much and as often as you need to.

So why would someone who is happy with subsidised care opt for a private integrated plan?

One of the reasons is if the person is a diabetic or has kidney failure.

In the video, Ms Khalik explains how you can decide if MediShield Life is sufficient for you.