Architecture student quits degree course to sew totebags full time

Ms Grace Kwan

It took Ms Grace Kwan  just a few days to sew 10 faux leather totebags and list them for sale on Carousell in December 2013.

But over the next few months, the 22- year-old avid seamstress spent so much time designing and making bags that last October she pulled out of an architecture degree course to turn her sewing into a full-time business.

Said Ms Kwan: "I got too distracted. I started to spend more time sewing than doing my school work. I didn't want to be an architect, I would rather sew."

In February, she launched a website to sell her handmade bags but continued to sell them on Carousell too. "It is easy to sell on Carousell and I can reach a lot of people as the platform already has a bank of users," said Ms Kwan.

On average, she makes up to around $2,000 to $3,000 in a month and often has to turn away customers because there are more orders than she can handle.

She is currently revamping her website to make it more user-friendly and fine-tuning her business operations.

She said: "At first, I just wanted to sew and I had nobody to give my work to, so I put them up for sale. I like doing things with my hands and it just so happened that sewing has taken me somewhere."

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