Application for disability travel concession opens

Commuters with permanent disabilities but who are not in any existing public welfare programmes can apply for public transport concessions now.

They can send their applications to SG Enable Ltd, 141 Redhill Road, Singapore 158828, by April 30. Their applications must be accompanied by a current doctor's memo, endorsement by an affiliated voluntary welfare organisation providing disability aid, or a functional assessment report endorsed by a general practitioner.

If approved, they will receive a personalised concession card before July 6, when the new concession takes effect.

The concession was announced in January. It grants commuters with disabilities a 25 per cent discount on adult fares. On top of that, they will not have to pay additional fares for distances beyond 7.2km.

People with disabilies can also opt to buy a monthly concession pass with unlimited bus and train rides at $60 per month. They can now log on to to check if they are automatically eligible for the concession scheme.

All those who are automatically eligible will receive a notification letter from SG Enable this month. This will be followed by an application package from the Land Transport Authority next month, with instructions on how to apply for their personalised concession card.

All those who are eligible for the concession scheme before July 6 will also receive an interim financial assistance of $80 from the Government. They will receive notification of the interim aid from LTA, which will help defray travel expenditure for the three months between the date the revised fares take effect (April 6) and the effective date of the new concession scheme (July 5).

The interim assistance will not be available to people who are eligible after July 5.

The interim financial assistance can be credited into any travel card at any TransitLink ticket office, concession card replacement office or add value machine. Qualifying commuters can top up any time before Dec 31, 2014.

People with disabilities who require assistance with the application for the concession scheme can call SG Enable's Info-line on 1800-8585-885 or email

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