Appeal Court ruled CGH negligent in diagnosing cancer; doctors not negligent

On Tuesday, the Court of Appeal ruled that Changi General Hospital (CGH) had been negligent in not putting in place a system that ensures proper follow-up of radiological results and managing patients.

This caused a delay in the diagnosis of Ms Noor Azlin Abdul Rahman's lung cancer, the Court of Appeal said.

She had sued CGH as well as three doctors for negligence - two from CGH's Accident & Emergency Department who had seen her in 2010 and 2011, as well as respiratory specialist Dr Imran Mohamed Noor, whom she had been referred to in 2007 after she visited the A&E.

While the Court of Appeal found CGH liable for negligence, all three doctors were exonerated and found not liable for negligence.

Of Dr Imran, it said that while he had not scheduled a follow-up appointment for Ms Noor Azlin, Dr Imran was ultimately not liable for negligence as she did not have lung cancer when she saw him in 2007.

Yesterday, Dr Imran said: "I hope that the Court of Appeal's decision will help Ms Azlin find closure. I sincerely wish her the best. On my part, I am relieved that the Court of Appeal has found that I am not liable."

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