An interactive look at how the Government intends to spend its money in 2013

In keeping with the trend in recent years, the Government has continued to increase social spending in this year's Budget, raising it by almost 10 per cent from 2012.

Under the 2013 Budget, the government will significantly increase its spending allocation in the ministries under this sector.

The Health Ministry will see a jump of 18.2 per cent, with the money going to increase the quality of healthcare services and to maintain affordability through subsidies as the population ages.

Spending on education will increase 10.5 per cent due to the expansion of publicly-funded university places, and increase in the salaries of education officers.

The second largest segment is in security and external relations, with spending on defence making up 23 per cent.

Expenditure by the Ministry of Defence is expected to rise by 4.3 per cent for the purchase of military equipment, maintenance of equipment and camps, and salaries and allowances of full-time national servicemen and operationally ready national servicemen.

Expenditure under the economic development sector will see a slight dip in overall spending.

This is because the Ministry of Trade and Industry will see a reduction in spending due to lower amounts spent on projects such as the Jurong Rock Cavern, and a reallocation of funds from the Ministry of Communications and Information after the ministry was restructured last year.

Transport expenditure will rise by 7.4 percent this year continuing the rail transport projects such as the Downtown Line, Tuas West Extension and Thomson Line.

Scroll down to the charts and graphics below to explore how the government spends its dollars. Roll over the various segments of each chart for details.

Source: Ministry of Finance

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