All Singapore Stuff apologises for 'unfounded allegations' in anonymous article about police

Screengrab of All Singapore Stuff website.
Screengrab of All Singapore Stuff website.PHOTO: ALL SINGAPORE STUFF

SINGAPORE - Alternative news website All Singapore Stuff apologised on Thursday (March 2) morning for posting an online article which police said contained false claims. The writer of the article said she was a 16-year-old student who became depressed when a boy she was "duped" into having sex with two years ago turned out to be a schoolmate and has started taunting her.

She said that she has made a police report about the bullying, but the police did not take action and advised her to drop the case. She gave the number of the police report in the article.

A police statement said that the article and allegations against the police are false. It said that it takes a serious view of allegations against police officers and will take action against persons who make false allegations against the police.

The Straits Times understands that while a police report bearing the same number as the one mentioned in the article exists, the nature of the report is different from what the online article has alleged.


All Singapore Stuff has removed the article, which was published on Wednesday, and has put up the police statement in full on its Facebook page and website.

The website said that it "would like to apologise to SPF (the Singapore Police Force) for any unfounded allegations made against them as it was unintentional".

It said that it had published the article to help the contributor get assistance from the authorities to resolve the bullying she faced in school.

All Singapore Stuff also said that the article had been submitted anonymously, "presumably to protect the whistleblower's identity", and it does not have any details of the contributor.

The site urged its contributors to send genuine grievances and provide evidence to back up their claims.