Airbus: Asian carriers to double aircraft fleet in next 20 years

Strong demand for air travel will more than double Asia's aircraft fleet in the next 20 years.

From 4,300 planes today, carriers in this region are expected to grow their total fleet to more than 10,000 passenger jets, said European plane-maker Airbus.

Chief operating officer (customers) Mr John Leahy said at a press briefing in Singapore on Monday: "The Asia-Pacific market is where the action will be in the air transport market over the next 20 years...Growing economies, bigger cities and increasing wealth will see more people flying, driving the need for larger and more efficient aircraft."

Airbus estimates that Asian carriers like Singapore Airlines and Cathay Pacific will take delivery of about 9,870 new jets over the next two decades. This will account for 35 per cent of global deliveries.