Aerospace firm Thales expands Singapore facility, now its largest repair hub globally

SINGAPORE - Aerospace firm Thales has expanded its facility in Singapore which is now its largest repair centre worldwide.

The centre in Changi which has been recently expanded now consolidates all aircraft avionics production, as well as maintenance, repair and overhaul activities under one roof.

This ensures better synergies and efficiency, Thales said on Thursday.

The firm has also invested in equipment and human capital, as it builds for future growth, it added.

In the past year, Thales in Singapore has grown its repair volume by over 30 per cent.

In addition to providing repair operations, Thales also runs a customer support centre for Diehl Aerospace's Singaporean subsidiary, set up in November last year to better serve its regional customers.

The centre has been operational since January at the expanded Thales facility in Changi North Rise.

The widened scope of the extended partnership increases Thales' repair volume in Singapore to an estimated 40,000 pieces of equipment per year, making Singapore the group's largest centre for avionics maintenance and repair services worldwide, the firm said.

The aerospace industry in Singapore has grown strongly over the last two decades, and the Republic now accounts for a quarter of Asia-Pacific's aircraft maintenance and repair volumes.

Thales' expanded facility underscores the importance of Singapore as a regional hub, the firm said, as it aims to grow local capabilities and establish a strong regional base to serve customers in the Asia-Pacific region.