71-year-old man jailed for 3 months for having sex with 17-year-old prostitute

A 71-year-old man was jailed for three months on Tuesday for having sex with an underage prostitute in Geylang in May this year. Lim Chee Seng pleaded guilty to paying $150 for the sexual services of the 17-year-old Chinese national.

He approached her along Lorong 18 Geylang at about 5pm on May 28 and then went to a nearby hotel. He was unable to have full intercourse with her, so they talked for a while and left the room at about 7pm.

The teen was arrested on June 1 for soliciting and investigations revealed that she had provided sexual services to more than 150 men. Lim, who works as a housekeeper with Fragrance Hotel was then tracked down and charged on Sept 4 for having commercial sex with a minor. He told police that he did not inquire about her age and thought she was 22 years old.

So far, 24 men have been charged for the offence and about 20 of them have been jailed between 10 and 12 weeks.

The minor had arrived here with her pimp Tang Huisheng on May 16. Tang met her in Shandong in China and suggested that she would earn more as a prostitute in Singapore than the $200 she was paid at a hair salon there.

In October, Tang was jailed for six years on charges of bringing the minor from China to Singapore for prostitution; living on her immoral earnings; harbouring her; and abetting a customer to have commercial sex with her.