7-Eleven robber jailed, caned for taking items and cash totalling $726

A man, who robbed a convenience store staff of cash and items totalling $726, was jailed for 3 1/2 years and ordered to be given 12 strokes of the cane on Wednesday. Abdul Hanif Konfanullah, 48, admitted to robbing Mr Muhammad Aminudin Shah Hassan, 21, of $450, two packets of cigarettes and two bottles of liquor at the 7-Eleven store at the void deck of Block 523 Bukit Batok Street 52 on May 20.

A district court heard that Hanif went to the store at about 11.40pm that day and asked for two packets of cigarettes, a Hennessy XO and a bottle of vodka. The victim placed the items on the cashier table. Just then, three customers walked in and Hanif left.

About five minutes later, he returned with a penknife which he took from the store and pointed it at Mr Aminudin. He asked for the three items he had ordered and also demanded that he hand over all the money from the cash register machine. Out of fear, the victim complied.

Hanif was arrested the next day at a hotel in Geylang. He has convictions for snatch theft, theft, drug-related offences, cheating and criminal breach of trust. District Judge Siva Shanmugam warned that he would be looking at the prospect of corrective training and preventive detention if he was charged for a similar offence.